All That Was Lacking Became The Tunnel Exit

Eric from Stramproy, Netherlands

well, “nothing to play for” simply grew to become into one of the vital enjoyable and hard-fought victories in quite a long time.

I wasn’t certain how a great deal fight the Packers had in them early within the online game, the way it all started and with Alexander exiting early. but they showed a lot. seasoned soccer is still professional soccer. wonderful greater commonly than now not.

Tyler from Grantsburg, WI

The ultimate time the Packers played at the Jets, best nine features had been put up, all by means of the Packers. basically just like the eighty two-aspect extra time shootout we were handled to yesterday!

How about an NFL group going 378 days between road victories, only to have the two wins on either end both conclude with time beyond regulation touchdowns by the equal participant? All that turned into missing became the tunnel exit. The touchdown became within the incorrect end zone or Adams could have achieved it again.

David from Lake Mills, WI

“illegal shift, all 12 avid gamers had been no longer set before the snap.” (Penalty on the Packers in OT.)

Yeah, that became a brand new one. The irony turned into the defense had 12 players on the container, however the referee didn’t are aware of it except after the replay evaluate. weird.

Mike from Kansas city, MO

while it became an enjoyable conclude to the video game, it’s highly hard to get enthusiastic about an OT game in which the defense gave up 31 facets to the lowly Jets’ offense, particular teams were scorched, and the offense was fairly quiet via three quarters. i love this team however it has a big skill deficiency in key places. home video games against Arizona and the Jets would were an afterthought in previous years. feels like we’re going to be core of the road for a long time. Judi Casino

particular groups had been a thorn in the Packers’ side all season lengthy. They gave the Jets 17 of their 38 elements in my publication (good enough, probably 13, because the protection must force the container aim put up-Moore fumble after the preserving penalty makes it first-and-20, however nevertheless). stronger special teams subsequent season will truly aid this group. They’ve comfortably given themselves too plenty to beat in that section. As for the different phases, for everything that’s happened late in video games on the highway this yr, to see the defense go punt-punt-punt whereas the offense went field purpose-touchdown-landing become clean, to assert the least, inspite of the opponent.

Would or not it’s wrong to claim this can be the game we examine as a turning element when things get superior next yr?

If the Packers win their road opener subsequent yr with a powerful fourth quarter, you’ve got my permission.

Insiders, I attended the video game on Sunday and it was the ideal game I’ve ever viewed in person. One issue I’ve heard although is that the officiating changed into basically unhealthy. i need to know your suggestions on how the refs preformed on Sunday.

Twenty-six mixed permitted penalties on both teams for 258 complete yards is lots. It wasn’t online game, nonetheless it become referred to as relatively tightly, birth to conclude.

What’s up with the air raid sirens at the games? It need to be greater worrying at the stadium than it’s on television.

Understatement of the day.

Aaron Rodgers is the grinch that stole our 2019 season. First he drained the large bag of free-agent cash with his new mega contract. Then he stole our high part-rusher draft decide on through winning Sunday’s game. There may be no joy in Titletown next 12 months. handiest extra losing, lumps of coal and unhappy faces. And to all a good evening.

Hope you could nonetheless have fun with Christmas.

With MVP speak starting to ramp up, I noticed a captivating remark: “if you had been in a position to opt for one player to start a brand new crew, AND that player would have the exact same year he had this 12 months for the rest of his profession, AND his contract can be exactly the same as his contract for this 12 months, who would you choose? remember, this is a each year award. We are looking to decide who’s the MVP for this yr and this year simplest. So for me, it’s Mahomes…and it’s now not even shut.” I should agree. Insiders?

if you happen to throw within the contract clause, that answer falls into the class of “Duh,” Sunday nighttime’s effect even though.

I’m a large believer that the replay and challenge protocol needs to be revised. One issue that I’ve long been in desire of is limitless challenges for the teams if the problem is relevant, however only two incorrect challenges. presently, the two-challenge restrict does not motivate the officials to get it appropriate, however an unlimited volume will. Plus it sends a message to the league that the officials need to be evaluated. might some replay revisions benefit traction this offseason?

I’m not sensing that, however I’ve lengthy been a proponent of a two-strikes-and-you’re-out layout.

I do not know if expanding the playoffs is a fine thought, however do you think one or two wild-card spots can be seeded inspite of conference, creating advantage for interconference playoff matchups? this could also aid with any perceived disparity between the NFC and AFC.

I’ve viewed this cautioned lots, and it simply wouldn’t make sense to me to play 12 of 16 games inside your own convention and then begin the playoffs towards the other conference. might be I’m lacking some thing, but it surely would go in opposition t the tenor of the complete season.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

can we at the least decelerate the “Rodgers is done” hype teach?

each person needs a sizzling take to make it in this enterprise nowadays, apparently. For the checklist, I entered it in 1995 and don’t have any wonderful in caving to the force now.

David from green Valley, AZ

If Aaron’s dashing TD in OT had now not been nullified by way of a penalty would that have been a record of most rushing TDs through a QB in one online game?

I don’t understand if a Packers QB has ever rushed for three TDs in one online game. I’ll ought to dig into that this week. If Rodgers’ third TD had stood, he’d were the first Packers participant to rush for three TDs in a daily-season online game due to the fact Ahman eco-friendly in 2002.

i’m wondering, if Cobb isn’t re-signed is there a textbook slot receiver at present on the roster? One who reveals the quickness vital? constantly these guys are smaller and it appears the WRs we have are greater with an awesome seize radius. may one or more compete for that position?

to use your observe, Cobb is the most effective “textbook” slot receiver the Packers have. Rodgers has definitely expressed as a good deal, that it’s now not the equal with others in that function. in spite of what happens with Cobb, i’m wondering if Allison or Kumerow isn’t given a glance there subsequent yr. We’ll see what 2019 brings.

We as the Inbox deserve to at the same time work on our onomatopoeic be aware decisions. The words “bonk” and “boink” had been suggested because the sound the soccer makes when it hits the uprights, but the sound is obviously a “dong.”

I’ve in my view all the time been a fan of “donk.”

Glass half empty: It took additional time to beat a four-10 team. special groups were lousy all year long. Fifteen players, together with many starters, on IR. teach fired. only one road win.

Glass half full: staggering quantity of event for a ton of very young gamers, some with awesome ability. Some core high-end avid gamers – Rodgers, Adams, Bakhtiari, Linsley, Clark, Martinez, and so forth. No surrender. chance for a great draft. With the right coach employed, this could be very particular. Go Pack Go!

There’s work to do, but the chance might be there in the offseason, in particular within the draft, to get some first-rate work done. The Packers ought to take competencies.

hello Mike, a great comeback win, nonetheless it’s the same OL/DL story. The Jets had four sacks and 12 QB hits. We had two sacks and two QB hits. What makes those numbers even harder to accept as true with is that we ran the ball well sufficient and that they failed to. Our first four 2019 draft picks deserve to be OL and area rushers. yes, i am drafting out of want. keep AR upright (no longer a laser reference) and power the different QB … and we are going to have a successful season.

The Packers’ defensive position has held up admirably against the run these days, however it’s lost a steady move rush with out Clark and Daniels, and lack of inside push makes it tougher on the aspect guys. I consider we’re seeing the inability of depth and rotation with the aspect rushers because the season winds down as well. those guys have played a ton of snaps. I additionally believe the offensive line now not most effective has been dealing with many relocating elements, but some guys who are playing are really gutting it out fitness-smart. All that noted, I don’t disagree together with your view of draft priorities, because you by no means have satisfactory best gamers up front on each side of the ball, notwithstanding they aren’t the most effective areas to handle.

When are large decisions made by means of the league? actually whatever thing needs to be done to ordinary refs’ calls. however what about expanding online game-day rosters to accommodate injuries? I’d additionally want to see 18 games, with teams taking part in every person of their conference and twice of their division. get rid of two of the televised preseason games.

Roster dimension and time table size are issues that might need to be mutually bargained between the homeowners and avid gamers’ union. Neither can be a unilateral league resolution.

i know, mulligans are not technically permissible, but golfers bound love them. in case you could provide the group a mulligan on any play in any game this year, which would it’s?

Boy, there’s a long listing of decisions. If I needed to decide upon one, I might go with the kickoff return in L.A. with two minutes to move. If Rodgers puts collectively a closing drive there to beat the (then) unbeaten Rams, that’s the one trade that makes me in reality wonder how every thing else may have played out.

Darren from Whitewater, WI

To you, who does Aaron Jones compare to in reference to achieved NFL operating backs?

I’m no longer sure. perhaps Devonta Freeman.

Robbie from Lake Arrowhead, CA

I occur to believe that Jamaal Williams did a lovely job towards the Jets in speeding, receiving, and blockading. So my query is why is everyone being so quick to get him off the field?

Joe Philbin’s description of Jamaal Williams the day past in his postgame press convention become superb. If it hadn’t been for one neglected block in move insurance policy, Williams might have played as superb a video game as the Packers could have asked for, given the circumstances. What a performance.

first-class win however we nevertheless complete 1-7 on the street. I believe i will factor to at least one area we need to enrich subsequent yr.

enhancing in smaller areas can aid the large-image ones. One step at a time.

Dave from Gainesville, VA

Mike/Wes, do you bear in mind yet another receiver as easy-looking as Davante? His online game-profitable capture seemed similar to he turned into catching the ball out of the JUGS laptop, that became proven throughout the practising-camp video clips. follow does make excellent. chuffed holidays to you each!

He’s as polished as any receiver in the league. He’s going to destroy Sharpe’s receptions record subsequent week. I sort of hope he doesn’t ruin Nelson’s yardage checklist, just so he has another franchise mark to shoot for subsequent 12 months.

They may have mailed it in. They may have pulled starters after taking place 15. They could have given up and performed for draft position. but satisfaction nevertheless concerns in green Bay. Congratulations to our crew on a fine come-from-behind win on the road.

Merry Christmas, everybody.