10 Chinese Social Media Sites You Should Be Following

With that function, we can directly talk with other people face to face. If your cell phone have camera you can use the on-line video function to talk with other people face to face which make your cell phone more powerful for free. People can use the QQ to have the on-line video conference; teacher use QQ to teach students who can’t go to school; friends can chat without leaving home. Like Facebook, Renren aims to stay up-to-date in the fast-growing mobile space and cater to college students. In a sense, the QQ is a collection of MSN, mobile phone, VCR. Most mobile phones which have ability to connect the internet also have the QQ. “Founded in November, 1998, Tencent has grown into one of China’s largest and most used Internet service portal” (Tencent). You still don’t have one? If I use cell phone calling function, the telephone company will charge me 2-3 dollar per minute, en iyi iddaa sitesi en iyi iddaa sitesi, but if I use QQ I don’t need pay anything.

Some Chinese people even abandon their cell phone function, and just use QQ in their phone in that way he just need pay the net charge which is much cheaper than the telephone fee. Some domestic computer producers even treat QQ as essential software. Almost every computer has QQ software. When my computer boots up, there is a little penguin come out. I click it, and then a dialog box showed out in the center of the screen, in it is the massage she just wrote to me. I click on it. For a full list of their games click here. I close the dialog box and talk with my mother who is living in China, thousands of kilometers away from here. In China, there are a lot of songs that aren’t signed with any labels – tonnes of them. It just quietly sits at there. It looks all around then sits on the notification area.

I know it is the penguin because the little penguin is flashing at the corner of the notification area. This is the scene you can see in many Chinese people’s life, and all of these due to the little penguin, the most popular communication tools in China, which we call it QQ. When my cursor touch the little penguin, a picture comes out which is my girlfriend’s photo. Photo courtesy of ChinaSmack, screenshot courtesy of BloggerInsight. Oh, it is my mother’s photo. Because the convenience way to accesses Qzone, the Qzone developed very fast and now it has become the world’s largest online social network: QZone(The world’s largest online social network: QZone – Home). Right now, with a population of 1.36bn (over 4x that of the USA), China is the globe’s 10th largest music market – yet it’s one with a worryingly small spend per head. The Qzone is one of the success products.

“Qzone is a social networking website, which was created by Tencent in 2005. It permits users to write blogs, keep diaries, send photos, and listen to music” (Qzone). Qzone share the same account with the QQ, user can accesses the Qzone through the QQ and all your QQ friends can enter your Qzone. Most the user of QQ will save their personal information in their QQ account. I just enter the QQ number instead of the phone number; I can save near 1000 dollar per year. We also can send files, videos and images, special the sound record function and the screenshot function allow us can save and sent any information we have immediately. When you ask a person’s contact information the QQ number is as much important as the phone number. Have a look at the sesame street site would be my tip but this lens covers a lot of useful information. The QQ Games also have a stronger market positioning.